Heyyyy there.

I’m Melinda. You can call me Mel if you want. <3

I’m not really a fan of about sections because I feel like there’s a lot “about me” and it’s always changing because I’m always growing, but let’s see…

I’m a “feeler,” as in, I’m lead by feelings (ie. I feel like we should go…what do I feel like wearing….I feel like he meant….this feels like the right choice) as opposed to a thinker/analyzer. My intuition and emotions guide me through life, and I spend a larger portion of my days than I ever realized imagining and dreaming. I guess I always thought it was normal and everyone else did it too, but apparently it’s not. I’m learning to embrace it though.

I love connecting with people on a deep level - surface level stuff is a bit hard for me, but if you want to talk about energies and frequencies, natural remedies and the science of magic, and alllll the spiritual stuff - I’m totally down.

Here at The Wild Folk Co, we believe in embracing your wild.  Getting outdoors, making memories, learning lessons from nature, and discovering new things.  It's just part of who we are.  

Wild: a natural state

Folk: people in general 

We are Wild Folk.

The Wild Folk Co started back in 2015 with products handmade from natural materials whose mission was to promote spending time outdoors. While our mission hasn’t changed, our products have.

After a little hiatus where we spent time realigning our goals and values, we decided to reduce the amount of labor intensive products we offered and spend more time building connections and community with other Wild Folk.

We now create when the vibe is right, and list our items once completed. We also offer our much loved patterns so you can make your own soft soled shoes.

We will always believe that nature is good for the soul, and living a life as close to nature intends as possible is good for our bodies. 

We'd love to connect with you and grow a community of wild folk, who want to live a natural life, soak up nature's good vibes, learn about healthy, holistic products, and encourage others to shine their light, while remembering to honor the divine light inside ourselves.  

If this sounds like a community you'd like to be part of, we welcome you to sign up for our monthly emails. 

Have questions?

Email me @thewildfolkco@yahoo.com

or Send me a message on Instagram (@thewildfolkco) or facebook (/thewildfolkco)

Lots of Love and Light!