Heyyyy there.

I’m Melinda. You can call me Mel if you want. <3
I’m not really a fan of about sections because I feel like there’s a lot “about me” and it’s always changing because I’m always growing, but let’s see…
I’m a “feeler,” as in, I’m lead by feelings (ie. I feel like we should go…what do I feel like wearing….I feel like he meant….this feels like the right choice) as opposed to a thinker. My intuition and emotions guide me through life, and I spend a larger portion of my days than I ever realized imagining and dreaming. I guess I always thought it was normal and everyone else did it too, but apparently it’s not. I'm an INFP on the meyers-briggs and a 4 on the enneagram, so if dreamy weirdo needed a back up for Luna Lovegood as poster-child, I'd be your girl. I’m learning to embrace it though.
I love connecting with people on a deep level - surface level stuff is a bit hard for me, but if you want to talk about energies and frequencies, natural remedies and the science of magic, and alllll the spiritual stuff - I’m totally down. 
 After experiencing what seemed like magic when I tried pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, I became passionate about helping others discover their powers.  A tribe of people with a passion for these little bottles of awesomeness began to form. The way essential oils can help others maintain health, find emotional balance, and even obtain financial freedom brought us together, and we are so excited for you to join us! 
If you'd like to open up a membership (lasts a lifetime and no further commitments required) and become part of our Botanical Vibes Tribe, just click on this link to sign up and I'll send you a little welcome gift! Yep! It really is that easy. 
Lots of Love and Light!