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Standing Rock

It's no secret that the DAPL is a subject we care deeply about here at The Wild Folk Co.  With your help, we raised hundreds of dollars for the Stand With Standing Rock fund in 2016.  

Now that it has been announced that they will be continuing on with the pipeline, we've decided to open our website back up and re-list our NONPROFIT Mni Wiconi tees to help raise funds once again.  The tribes that this affects will need all the assistance they can get for legal fees as they fight to protect their sacred places and their water supply. 

If you haven't yet, please consider purchasing one of our Mni Wiconi (water is life) tees - ALL of the proceeds will be sent to Stand With Standing Rock.

Or head over to their website and make a donation.  http://www.standwithstandingrock.net

Standing Rock tee

Standing Rock Onesie

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