Frankincense, The King of Oils

Frankincense essential oil comes from the resin of the Boswellia trees, which grow in desolate conditions. 

Known as being one of the gifts presented to baby Jesus by the 3 Wise Men, Frankincense was known for its healing powers, making it valued more than gold during ancient times, and possessed only by those with great wealth. 

It is mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus, an ancient Egyptian list of 877 presecriptions and recipes and one of the oldest known medical records (dating from the 16th century, BC).


Frankincense Essential Oil 

There are 4 types of Frankincense:

1.  Boswellia Frereana (not pictured): This species of Frankincense is native to northern Somalia, but contains no boswellic acids. Frereana has a lemony dcent and is uplifting and cheering.

2.  Boswelia Serrata: Also known as Indian Frankincense (where it's sourced), this is a very affordable option. According to Dr. P, "Many people are surprised to learn how cheap this oil is but its important to realize you get what you pay for, the odor and chemistry will be drastically different than a good carterii oil and the oil would not have the same therapeutic effects......In fact, serrata is often used to adulterate other frankincense oils because of its low price..." 

According to Dr. Axe, "

Boswellia extracts seem to lower inflammation and support immune function on multiple levels, including (3):

  • interfering with cytokine production that raises inflammation (interferon gamma, interleukin-4 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha)
  • delaying reactions to sensitivities
  • helping regulate lymphocytes (white blood cells) and T-cells interactions
  • regulating production of immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies, which protect the body from bacterial and viral infections
  • regulating production of immunoglobulin M (igM) antibodies, which are found mainly in the blood and lymph fluid"

3.  Boswellia Carterri: Sourced in Somalia, this species increases spiritual awareness, stimmulates the immune system, supports the respiratory system, improves attitude, reduces negative emotions and lifts spirits. Frankincense supports overall cellular health.

4.  Boswellia Sacra: Young Living's Sacred Frankincense oil is the first Omani Frankincense to be available to those outside of Saudi Royalty or the privileged of Oman. It is regarded the world over as the rarest, most sought-after aromatic in existence.  If you're into vibes and frequencies, you might like to know that Boswellia sacra has the highest frequency of the boswellia species. 

Frankincense supports skin health, reducing dark spots, lines, blemishes, and reduces redness and skin irritations. 

Research suggests that frankincense can be used to improve memory and learning. 

Frankincense helps the digestive system by  speeding up the secretion of digestive enzymes, increasing urination production, relaxing the muscles of the digestive tract and also helps improve circulation, which is needed for proper digestive health.

Frank was also historically used for tooth health, and you can still find it in some toothpastes.

According to Dr. Axe, frankincense "It has a calming, grounding scent that can naturally help you to fall asleep. This natural sleep aid helps open breathing passages, allows your body to reach an ideal sleeping temperature and can eliminate [discomfort] that keeps you up."

Types of Frankincense

Holy moly! It's no wonder Frankincense is known as the "real incense" and King of Oils. 

Here are a few ways I use Frankincense:


*Diffuse a few drops during Yoga, Meditation, or Prayer

*Drop in my palms and inhanle when I'm feeling anxious

*Drop into a carrier oil and rub on my chest before bed for breast health

*I also use frank nightly on my face before bed in a roller with sweet almond oil, lavender, and myrrh (yes, another gift for the Christ child). Since starting this nightly skin care routine, my skin has been better than ever and any blackheads have disappeared!


Essential Oils for skin


Do you love Frankincense? How do you incorporate it into your life?

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