DIY Soothing Muscle Rub

Soothing Muscle Rub

I've been sending Panaway Essential Oil to everyone I know who could use its soothing benefits on their muscles and joints. If you think essential oils are just things that smell nice, or that people who say their bodies benefit from them are just drinking the proverbial koolaid, then I dare you to try Panaway. It's one of those oils that you cannot doubt once you've tried it, and the wonderful thing about it is: its actually like 4 bottles in one!
Panaway essential oil can (and perhaps should) be diluted before use and still be quite effective.
One way of diluting is to pump carrier oil into your hand, and then add a drop of the panaway before rubbing on your skin to soothe joints and muscles.
Another way is to do the same as above with an unscented lotion.
This past weekend, I had fun making a mess of my kitchen by using Panaway to make these salves to give to friends.
Want to make them? Here's what you need:
1/2 c Beeswax
1 c Coconut Oil
20 drops Panaway
(you could just stop there, but I added in a couple other oils)
10 drops Copaiba (copaiba is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and is also known to boost the effectiveness of other oils it is paired with)
5 drops Peppermint (great for tension, and smells divine)
Melt the beeswax in a double boiler, then stir in the coconut oil.
Remove from heat, drop in oils, and stir.
Spoon (or pour) into tins or glass jars.
*pro tip: You may see bubbles in your liquid, try to avoid adding these to the tins or jars, as they are water that has separated from the coconut oil and will settle to the bottom of your tins/jars as the salve hardens, causing you to get all annoyed (or maybe that's just me)
This recipe should make 8 two ounce tins.
**Panway (along with Copaiba and Peppermint) comes in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, which is an amazing deal and great way to get started into the world of essential oils. The Premium Starter Kit also includes 8 other oils, natural household cleaner, antioxident rich Ningxia Red juice, a diffuser, and a wholesale membership so that once you see how freaking amazing essential oils are, you can restock or try out other oils for 24% off. There's no need to sell anything - EVER, but...if you refer a friend, Young Living will send you $50 for each friend you refer!!
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