I see you.

I see you.  Mom in Target who was buying her kids ICEES at 11 am.  I saw how that sauce exploded when your kid dropped the breadsticks on the floor.

I noticed the sticky blue trail you left from the diapers all the way to the shoe section because one of your cups was leaking.

I saw you run into that display when you were trying to push that giant two-seater cart - hey, isn't that for mom's with like 3 kids?  Okay, I know it's the only kind your kid can't escape from because of the shoulder harness seatbelts, but wait -

your kid is escaping.  Ahhh, yep.  He's completely out of the harness and standing on the seat while you're busy putting your groceries on the conveyor belt.  Things aren't looking good for you. I can see it.

I see you try to apologize to the cashier for your distractedness while she's making small talk.  I understand that you have to keep an eye on that toddler - who's making his way to the cooler with the character juices (didn't he already have an ICEE??).

I hear you apologize again - this time because he already opened the toy gun (??!!??) you're buying him before she'd even been able to scan it.

I see you try pay for your groceries, be attentive to the needs of the sauce exploder, keep the escaped toddler from darting right out of the store, collect your receipt, and make sure you still have your card and your keys, and it looks like you're fighting back tears. 

I see you.


I see you because I am you.

This was my morning.  All this before noon - and this doesn't cover the adventures we had before we left the house.

So when you see a haggard looking mom, with crying kids, please realize that she's probably doing the best she can, and she's probably more irritated by the chaos that envelops her than you are.

And if you see a perfect looking mom, with impeccably behaved children, they were probably picking their noses when you weren't looking.

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